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Want to remodel your home?

Here are some suggestions for a smooth, stress-free job.


10 Tips for a Successful Renovation

  1. Decide exactly what you want.  Talk to friends and experts to learn about the various materials available.  Browse magazines for inspiration, and consult a renovator, architect or decorator.
  2. Think long-term.  Envision the future uses of your rooms.  For example, if you decide to turn your basement into a rec room knowing you’ll rent it out later, install the plumbing now while the intrusive work is being done.
  3. Plant out the job.  Avoid costly mistakes by drawing up detailed plans or entrusting the task to a professional.  Always start with the most important jobs.  Want to redo your roof and your kitchen floor?  Do the roof first.
  4. Decide on your living arrangements.  Depending on the scope of the renovations, you may have to relocate temporarily or store some of your belongings with a storage service.
  5. Consider getting insurance.  Some kinds of renovations can affect your insurance coverage.  Similarly, if you store your goods, make sure you have coverage for them.
  6. Inquire about permits.  Advise your municipality of your renovation project and get a building permit.  Doing renovations without one is against the law.
  7. Choose the right renovator.  Compare quotes and quality of services from contractors.  Ask friends and relatives if they recommend (or not) a particular renovation company.
  8. Set a budget.  Add 10 to 15 per cent to the renovator’s estimated cost.  If you don’t have enough savings, look into different financing options such as loans or a personal line of credit.
  9. Track the progress.  Check in daily to ensure the job is proceeding as planned.  Remember to include any project changes to the contract.
  10. Don’t pay in advance.  Make arrangements with the renovator to pay in installments based on the progress.  Only make your final payment when the work is completed.







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Life is short and our to do list are long.  Who’s got the time to exercise and eat vegetables?  Luckily for busy people like you, there are many groan-free ways to move more and fret less.  Rollerblade to work, plant your own herbs or downward dog your way to bliss.  No fad diets are necessary.  Here’s how to feel your best in four steps.


Step 1:  Get Moving

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, adults should get at least 2.5 hours of moderate intense aerobic activity every week, and children should get at least 60 minutes every day.

Struggling to find the time to fit it in?  Squeezing physical activity into your daily routine can be a lot easier than it seems.  There are so many ways to be active:  and to challenge your strength and stamina:


♦  Sign for a group class or purchase a gym membership

♦  Join an organized sports club (running, hiking, cycling, badminton, etc.)

♦  Choose active commutes (walking, cycling, rollerblading, skateboarding, etc.)

♦  Make the most of your daily routine.  You’d be surprised how many calories you can burn while vacuuming, shoveling snow, gardening, going up and down the stairs, etc.


Here in Red Deer, exercising in fresh air is easy and free! Get sweat on at one of Outdoor Fitness Gyms that are located in 10 parks across the city.  Each gym features 12 fitness machines with explanatory signage to give you a complete workout at any time of the day or night.  With such great municipal facilities, you won’t need a gym membership.


For more information regarding the city’s Outdoor Fitness Gyms, contact the Red Deer PCN. www.reddeerpcn.com 403 343-9100


Did you Know? ♦

June is Recreation and Parks Month in Red Deer.  The event aims to encourage

residents to become more active by taking advantage of the city’s many

recreational facilities and programs.  Special Activities are planned throughout the

month to keep you motivated.  Find out what’s in store this year at www.reddeer.ca.


Step 2:  Eat Healthy

A healthy and balanced diet is essential to our overall health.  Eating well means consuming a large variety of foods from all four food groups, and avoiding foods high in sugar, sodium and fat.

Furthermore, you should pair your healthy eating habits with sufficient hydration.  But don’t wait until you feel thirsty to drink.  Try to take a few sips every hour.


For more information:  www.healthycandians.gc.ca


There aren’t many foods that can rival the health benefits of fresh fruits and veggies.  Growing your own produce is a fun and cost-effective way to ensure your family has a constant supply of delicious and nutritious food.  However, not everyone has the space to start a vegetable garden.  Luckily, the city oversees three garden locations in Red Deer where everyone is welcome to join.  Sign up for a plot this year and get your hands dirty for a tasty payoff.  www.reddeer.ca/gardening 403 342-8234


Step 3:  Take Care of Your Mind

Taking care of yourself means letting your mind relax once in a while.  After all, your mind faithfully serves you day after day.  So embark on a quaint retreat, schedule in a therapeutic massage or have a full-on spa day.  You can also participate in stress-busting activities like yoga, tail chi and meditation, which will improve your mood, relaxation and optimisms.  As the lyric goes, free your mind and the rest will follow.


Step 4:  Have Fun!

Finally, make sure that your daily routine includes a crucial element:  fun! Carve out some time in the day for your passions and hobbies.  Dance to the tune of funk or splash some paint on that canvas.  Doing what you love will amount to a much more enjoyable life.


If you’re bored and lacking inspiration on what to do in and around Red Deer, get ideas from our City Life, Festivals & Events and Outdoor Fun sections.

















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Nature lovers rejoice.  Red Deer is your paradise.  Go birdwatching in Waskasoo Park.  Get intimate with tigers and jaguars at Discovery Wildlife Park.  Gather the whole family for a trip to Wild Rapids Waterslide Park.  Whatever your preferred activity is, get out and play!



Discovery Wildlife Park  has a distinct focus on conservation.  All of the animals were rescued from bad situations; some were orphaned, others were kept illegally as pets.  You’ll fall in love with the jaguars, alligators and bears to name a few.  Plus, you’ll get to watch these super smart creatures put on delightful shows alongside their trainers.

www.discoverywildlifepark.com 403 227-3211


Get up close and personal with adorable farm animals at the Kraay Family Farm.  While you’re here, check out the famous Lacombe Corn Maze, enjoy a fun around of mini putt, and mine for gemstones.  With over 40 exciting things to see and do, there’s never a dull moment at this summertime staple. 

www.kraayfamilyfarm.com 403 302-1709


If you love birdwatching, pack your binoculars and spend the day at Ellis Bird Far.  Enjoy gorgeous trails and gardens thatr were designed with feathered friends in mind, and don’t miss the world’s largest collection of bluebird nest boxes. 

www.ellisbirdfarm.ca 403 885-4477


Waskasoo Park is another top spot for wildlife and birding opportunities, complete with a dash of the past.  This vast conservation area contains the Historic Fort Normandeau  and the Kerry Wood Nature Centre, which offer interpretive programs about wildlife and history.  The park also has the sprawling Gaetz Lakes Sanctuary, a paradise for countless plant and animal species.  You can discover this rich natural habitat by making your way through five kilometers of trails and viewing decks.

  www.waskasoopark.ca 403 346-2010



 ♦ Fun Fact ♦

Discovery Wildlife Park offers you the chance to experience an

intimate encounter with the zoo’s tigers and jaguars.  The keepers

of these majestic cats will take you on an unforgettable

behind-the-scenes tour.  Inquire at the front desk about this

unique opportunity.



On the Water

Ready to make a splash?  Head over to Discovery Canyon (403 343-6341 ext. 105)  to cool off in unique natural pools that are fed by the river.  You could also rent a paddleboat or canoe at Bower Ponds  (403 309-8428) for a leisurely day in a picturesque landscape.  www.reddeer.ca


The entire town of Sylvan Lake is a waterfront paradise, and its crowning jewel is the amazing Sylvan Lake Provincial Park  (403 887-5522).  Take advantage of the park’s two boat launches for a scenic trip on the lake.  If you prefer to stay dry, there’s a 1.6 kilometre sandy beach to enjoy.  Bringing the whole family?  Visit the Wild Rapids Waterslide Park  (403 887-3800) for a thrilling experience.  www.wildrapids.ab.ca


Active Delights

The perfect combination of exercise, fresh air and stunning views resides in the area’s magnificent trail networks.  That includes Red Deer’s Park Trails System and the over 100 kilometres of footpaths at Waskasoo Park Trail System.

If you’re looking for something a bit more extreme, strap on your helmet and take on a challenge at Great West Adventure Park – BMX  (www.reddeerbmx.ca ).  Otherwise, hop on your board and check out the excellent facilities at Glendale  Skatepark (www.reddeer.ca ), where you’ll find Alberta’s only public outdoor, concrete pool-style bowl.


Have you tried disc golf yet?  This fun new sport is rapidly gaining popularity across town, and Red Deer has two nine-hole courses available for free.  Beginners should head to the Kentwood course, while experienced disc golfers will enjoy the more challenging course at Victoria Park.  You can find printable scorecards online at www.redeerpcn.com/disc-golf-in-reddeer .


Winter Wonderland

Red Deer has a thriving Nordic ski community, overseeing more than 30 kilometres of groomed trails.  If you prefer some downhill action,  Canyon Ski Resort  (403 346-7003) is the place to be.  It’s Alberta’s largest non-mountain resort, and its 18 runs offer a perfect fit for beginners and experts alike. 

www.reddeernordic.ca   www.canyonski.ca


Tee Time

Dust off your clubs and discover the region’s amazing golf courses.  For your next day on the fairway, consider Wolf Creek Golf Resort (1 866 783-6050), one of the top-rated public courses in Canada.  There’s also Nursery Golf Club  (403 782-5400), which is home to the country’s longest hole.

www.wolfcreekgolf.com    www.nurserygolf.com


Get great package deals on your next golf experience at www.golfcentraalberta.com .

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Red Deer is booming with must-sees and must-dos.  Ride in an antique wagon at the Sunnybrook Farm Museum.  Sample the best of Central Alberta’s fresh food at the Red Deer Market.  Or swing by State & Main for a cold pint.  From wakeup call to last call, here are some suggestions to get you started.


Arts and Culture

Stop by the Culture Services Centre to sign up for a class, participate in a workshop or admire local art inside the buildings Viewpoint Gallery, including sculptures, ceramic art and photography.  While you’re there, pick up a self-guided public art tour brochure and head outside to sidover thestories behind Red Deer’s unqiue artistic displays.

www.reddeer.ca/culture  403 309-4091


Witness the city’s well-preserved history at the Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery.  Explore the permanent exhibit titled Remarkable Red Deer: Stories from the Heart of the Parkland.  It includes a collection or artifacts, plus a train station, Capitol theatre and the city’s first commercial building.  And don’t miss the many travelling exhibitions that stop by each year. 

www.reddeermuseum.com  403-309-8405

Nordic Connection

Discover Central Alberta’s Scandinavian heritage through the following sites.


Learn about famed Icelandic poet Stephen G. Stephansson, who moved to Alberta in 1889.  His former home, now the Stephansson House Provincial Historic Site, gives you a glimpse into his life and work with the help of costumed interpreters. 

www.history.alberta.ca/stephansson  403 728-3929


Fun Fact

The Red Deer Arts Council partners with many art galleries across

the city to bring you First  Fridays Red Deer.  On the first Friday of

each month, various galleries will host special events.  Find out

what’s on next month at www.reddeerartscouncil.wordpress.com


Next stop on your Scandinavian historical adventure: the Norwegian Laft Hus Museum in Heritage Square.  This unique interpretive centre is located inside a quaint log house full of artifacts to help you learn about the history and culture of Norwegian-Canadians. 

www.norwegianlafthussociaety.ca   403  347-2055


Stroll through the lovely Danish Canadian National Museum & Gardens.  There are seven acres of traditioinal Danish artifacts and buildings surrounded by stunning floral displays, making this an incredibly picturesque visit. 

www.danishcandians.com  403 728-0019


Admire the province’s incredible sports accomplishments at the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame & Museum.  Learn all about your favourite teams through interactive exhibits.  There’s also exciting highlights of Alberta’s sports history at the Orest Korbutt Theatre, where you can play immersive virtual sports of all kinds.

www.ashfm.ca   403 341-8614


Red Deer’s oldest farm welcomes you to the Sunnybrook Farm Museum, where you can discover what life was lke for pioneer farming families in the region.  Take a spin on an antique wagon, watch demonstrations of restored farm equipment and enjoy a heartwarming meet-and-greet with adorable farm animals.  

www.sunnybrookfarmmuseum.ca  403 340-3511


Want more history?  Peruse the aisles of an authentic general store at the Dickson Store Museum (www.dicksonstoremuseum.com , 403 728-8355), or stroll through the city’s past with the self-guided Downtown Heritage Walking Tour of Red Deer (download tours a www.reddeer.ca/heritage).  If you set foot in Heritage Square, you’ll find a replica of Red Deer’s oldest school, the city’s oldest surviving building, and other historical goodies.


Food and Drink

Hungry?  The agricultural abundance in and around Red Deer ensures the tasty, farm-fresh food is always around the corner.


On Saturdays, stock up on delicious local goods from The Market @ Red Deer  (403 346-6443), where hundreds of vendors set up shop each week to share their mouth-watering products.  Or head to Little Gaetz Avenue on Wednesday to take advantage of the charming Downtown Market (403 340-8696).  www.redeermarket.com    www.downtownreddeer.com/downtownmarket


Tantalize your tastebuds with a traditional Indian buffet at Tandoor ‘n’ Flame(403 347-7600).  If you’re craving a drink to accompany your comfort food, swing by State & Main Kitchen and Bar (403 986-8470), one of Red Deer’s trendiest watering holes.  Those looking for live music should head to Arts and Culture

Stop by the Culture Services Centre to sign up for a class, participate in The Hideout Eats & Beats  (403 348-5309).  For a sweet tooth satisfaction, try the amazing fried ice cream from Mexican eatery Las Palmeras (403 346-8877), or swing by Babycakes Cupcakery (403 346-1224) for some detectable handmade treats.










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What you do for your health can slash your risk for injuries, illness and disease.  It all starts with knowing what specialists to turn to.  A family physician offers personalized medical attention to your concerns.  A local pharmacist gives you the medication lowdown.  And a dentist ensures your oral health is all smiles.  It’s a trifecta of optimal care.


Finding a Family Doctor

 If you do not currently have a family physician and wish to fine one, there are several ways to easily do so.


♦  The College of Physician & Surgeon of Alberta provides an online tool to help the public find a family health care provider or a specialist in their area who is accepting new patients.  This advanced search tool can be found at www.cpsa.ab.ca / PhysicanSearch.aspx


♦   Most family doctors are part of a Primary Care Network (PCN) , which are groups of health professionals that work together to coordinate your health care.  You can contact the Red Deer PCN by calling 403 343-9100.  The Red Deer PCN website also has a wealth care information.  Visit www.reddeerpcn.com for  information,


♦   You can also call Health Link Alberta, the province’s 24/7 health line, at 8-1-1 to get assistance in your search for a health care provider.  Average wait times are just less than two minutes.


If you need medical attention for a non-life-threatening condition or ailment, contact a local walk-in clinic.  You can find an up-to-date list of clinics at www.reddeerpcn.com.



Your Pharmacist:  A Helpful Ally

Pharmacists are more than glorified pill counters.  As health care professionals trained in patient care, they can administer flu shots, help you check your blood pressure and even collaborate with doctors to develop the best drug regimen for you.  They are key members of your health care team, so don’t hesitate to turn to them for advice.

There are many conveniently located pharmacies in and around Red Deer, and a large portion of these locations offer free prescription delivery.  If you are homebound, call your preferred store to inquire if the service is available.

If you need something after-hours, the following location is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.




Oral Hygiene:  Your Dentist Knows Best

 It’s impossible to overstate the importance of good oral health and hygiene.  Having a healthy mouth, gums and teeth begins with a tried-and-true routine.  Follow these recommendations from the Canadian Dental Association:

  • Brush your teeth (and tongue) at least twice a day with a soft bristle toothbrush.
  • Floss every day.
  • Maintain a healthy diet by limiting your consumption of foods and drinks heavy in sugar and carbs.
  • Stop smoking, if applicable.
  • Inspect your mouth on a regular basis (gums, tongue, teeth, breath, roof of mouth, inside of cheeks) in order to identify any potential symptoms of an oral disease.
  • Consult your dentist at least once a year on a preventative basis, and more frequently if you have any oral health problems.

These are a number of dental clinic in Red Deer and the surrounding area, several of which offer 24-hour emergency services.  Consult the Dentists section of this directory in full list.



Did you know?

Because they have an effect on the way we eat, talk, and carry ourselves in

society, oral health issues can have a negative influence on our overall

well-being.  So don’t brush off your oral health and visit your dentist regularly.





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