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RED DEER- Parking will be limited in Great Chief Park for the next month while the parking lots are being paved.

Starting Tuesday, May 23, the west parking lot will be closed until May 29, while crews pave the lot (weather dependent).

During this time, the north parking lot will remain open.

After the west parking lot is paved, work will begin to pave the north parking lot.

This phase is expected to begin on May 29, and continue until June 22.

Parking will be available in the west parking lot while this work is underway.

The city is encouraging park users to carpool or use alternative modes of transportation, such as walking or biking to get to Great Chief Park.

For more information about enhancements in Great Chief Park and to view the parking closures map, visit www.reddeer.ca/gcp. 

(Gary McKinnon - The City of Red Deer)

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RED DEER – In support of Crime Prevention Week, Red Deer RCMP are hosting a public presentation to assist interested members of the public in learning to recognize counterfeit currency.

This hour-long presentation will take place at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 17 at the downtown Red Deer detachment, located at 4602 51 Avenue.

A counterfeit expert from the Bank of Canada and the fraud and counterfeit lead officer from the Alberta RCMP will present examples of counterfeit techniques, education on how to recognize counterfeit currency and the opportunity to see and handle examples of counterfeit currency. 

Everyone is welcome - those people who regularly work with cash will find this presentation of use in learning to recognize counterfeit currency and avoid fraud and financial loss.

The presentation is offered free of charge thanks to the commitment by the Bank of Canada and the RCMP to public education and loss reduction. Coffee and cookies will be served.

Crime Prevention Week in Alberta runs from May 15 to 21, and Red Deer RCMP will be sharing public education items throughout the week aimed at crime prevention and loss reduction.

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Bower is a popular residential community in Red Deer.


Established as a settlement in Alberta, it’s now a beautiful neighborhood in all of Red Deer. The Red Deer River adds to the specialty of the neighborhood. Serenity gardens, walking trails and the picturesque ponds in Bower make special outing spots on weekends and special days.


Even special events and festivals like water ball, kayaking, fishing, hiking, etc., keep the place active round the year. The Bower Mall is the place to find all the latest from fashion, tech and food.


Bower is well connected to the downtown area of Red Deer by Gaetz Avenue which runs north and south through the western side of the city. This street even connects Bower with different parts of Central Alberta.


The types of properties in the location are a combination of single family homes, duplexes, townhouses and condominiums.


Aside the quiet and privacy, what makes Bower a perfect place to settle is the affordable homes in the serene and solitary area. 

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Aspen Ridge

Aspen Ridge, tucked in the southeastern quadrant of Red Deer is a pretty neighborhood that combines the middle-class homey environment and the classiness of the neighboring Anders Park. Aspen Ridge features single-family homes, townhouses and duplexes that make the neighborhood an easy choice for families looking for a new neighborhood with lots of amenities.


Aspen Ridge’s structure plan includes both an elementary and middle school with a new plan for an upcoming K-12 Francophone School.  


Within walking distance the residents have East Hill Shopping Centre and its local retail stores. The center has everything from dental offices, Save On Foods, MacDonalds, Tim Hortons, State & Main restaurant and more. For the seniors Aspen Ridge has a retirement lodge.


Townhomes line both the sides of the road with tree landscaping for privacy. The feeling of the neighborhoods is quiet, neat and far from hustle and bustle. The prices of single-family homes range between $400,000 and $600,000 and the townhomes range from the high $200,000 to $350,000.




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As full-time Canadian real estate investors, we are always on the lookout for good deals, while helping those in need.  With the recent economic downturn, a large market in foreclosures and power-of-sale properties have become  available  from those who have suffered the results of being unable to pay their mortgages.


Power of sale

With housing values deteriorating across Canada, the national unemployment rate inching skywards, and personal debt loads exceeding record levels, and personal bankruptcies high record, it’s not a surprise that foreclosure statistics are also increasing at a significant pace in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario.

How many Canadians are Facing power of sales or Foreclosures?

While the exact number is unknown – unlike in the US, foreclosure statistics aren’t publicly available in Canada – many experts, including those at the Bank of Canada, believe that increasing foreclosures are a natural side effect of a poor economic climate such as this one. The fact many Canadian homeowners are holding mortgages greater than the value of their house – particularly those who obtained the now-defunct 40-year, zero-down mortgages – is only adding to this number.


How the power of sales or Foreclosure works in Canada?

So what should you do if you find yourself on the brink of foreclosure? Well, for starters, it’s helpful to recognize that, unlike in the U.S., you don’t have the option of mailing in your keys and walking away. In Canada, the mortgage debt is the homeowner’s – not the lender’s – and the lender can do whatever it takes to get that money from you, including garnish your wages. As a full-time Canadian real estate investor, you should be aware of the downsides to a loan or mortgage.


What is the difference between Power of sale and Judicial Sale in Canada?

Depending on the province you live in, lenders will likely go through a Power of Sale or Judicial Sale to recover any owed debt. The main difference is that the Judicial Sale process involves going through the court system, while the Power of Sale system allows the lender to sell the property without the involvement of the court.


What should I do,if I am facing power of sale or foreclosure in Canada?

The first thing you should do if you receive a letter from your bank or lender threatening Power of Sale or Judicial Sale proceedings is to contact your lender right away. If you’ve historically been making your mortgage payments on a regular basis and a rare occurrence – such as an illness, injury, or job loss – has forced you to miss a few, the lender may be motivated to work something out with you.


What happens If I put less than 20% Down payment to acquire my home?

If you had a down-payment of less than 20% of the value of the home when you purchased it, the lender is protected by mortgage default insurance. Canada’s three mortgage default insurers – Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Genworth Financial Canada, and AIG United Guaranty – each have a type of ‘work out’ program that helps homeowners make their mortgage payments during difficult times, either by creating a temporary interest-only payment plan or forgiving a few mortgage payments.


Can I talk to my ex employer for help facing power of sale or foreclosure? 

If you don’t have a high-ratio mortgage, you could try talking to your employer’s human resources department. Many companies will find ways to help their employees stay in their homes, either by offering temporary loans or paying out remaining vacation pay.

Taking these steps might be enough to save you from foreclosure, thereby keeping your credit score from taking a nosedive. Full-time real estate investors should educate themselves on preventing foreclosures, since their knowledge may help out others who find themselves in over their heads.


What else can I do while facing power of sale or Foreclosure in Canada?

If other debt payments – such as credit card debt, car loans, or student loans – are preventing you from making your mortgage payments, you may be able to refinance your mortgage. In order to refinance, though, your total debts can’t be greater than 90% of your home’s value.

While you might have to pay a fee to break your mortgage, the benefit of refinancing is that it allows you to roll all your debts into your home at a lower interest rate. For instance, right now the rate on a typical five-year fixed mortgage is 4.5%. In most cases, your minimum monthly payments are drastically reduced, giving you increased cash flow.


What happen if I can NOT refinance my home while facing  power of sale or foreclosure?

If you can’t refinance, you might try contacting a debt settlement company. Unlike bankruptcy trustees, a debt settlement company will talk to your creditors and reduce your interest rates or debts owed without affecting your credit rating. Just make sure you choose a reputable firm rather than one that charges large upfront fees without really helping your situation at all.


What is my last resort while facing power of sale or Foreclosure in Canada?

If you’ve exercised every other possible option and you still can’t find a way to afford your mortgage payments, you might have to visit a bankruptcy trustee.

A bankruptcy trustee can draft a consumer proposal – a legal process that requires creditors to reduce or forgive certain debts – or assist you in filing for bankruptcy. A bankruptcy filing immediately stops legal action by creditors and, in return, clients must surrender the majority of their assets and split up the proceeds between creditors.

Depending on how many creditors you have, this tactic may allow you to stay in your house. A consumer proposal typically stays on your credit report for three years, while a bankruptcy usually sticks around for over six years.


What happens If I sell my Home before the Lender sells?

If all else fails, you might have to sell your home yourself. If you sell your home before the lender does, it will not be considered a Power of Sale or foreclosure and therefore will not be held against your credit score. You will, however, have to pay the lender back with the proceeds of the sale of the house.


What happens if I loose my home in power of sales or foreclosure in Canada?

If you do lose your house to Power of Sale and or foreclosure, it will stay on your credit report for six years.

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A Time To Honour

Red Deer’s heritage isn’t a distant memory; it’s a vibrant part of the buildings, parks and art throughout the community. You can see it, touch it and read about it as you make your way through Red Deer. And, if you happen to see a ghost that you want your picture taken with, that’s just fine, too.


“The ghost collection is a celebration of Red Deer’s history,” said Kristina Öberg, acting recreation, parks and culture manager with The City of Red Deer. “It’s one of the largest public collections of life-sized bronze sculptures in Canada, and it’s a great opportunity for people to interact with our story.”

Downtown has many heritage buildings and art – not to mention the Museum and Art Gallery – and is a great starting place to learn about Red Deer’s history, but it’s only the beginning. Cronquist House, Sunnybrook Farm & Museum and Historic Fort Normandeau are all great additions to your journey.


Visit www.reddeerregion.com/tourismheritage.htm or www.reddeer.ca/culture to learn more.


Historic Fort Normandeau

A reconstruction of the original Fort at Red Deer Crossing comes to life through programs, exhibits and artifacts that illustrate the beginnings and early history of Red Deer. A large garden, poultry yard and teepees are set up for public enjoyment. The grounds include a beautifully treed picnic area and canoe launch.



Norwegian Laft Hus Museum

Housed in a sod-roofed log building in downtown’s Heritage Square, the Norwegian Laft Hus Museum celebrates the contribution of Norwegian immigrants to central Alberta. Visitors can learn how to make Norwegian arts and crafts and enjoy authentic food, and during the summer, kids can spend the afternoon playing games and listening to stories. Heritage Square is also home to several historic buildings including a church steeple, Red Deer’s oldest surviving building and a log schoolhouse from 1887.www.norwegianlafthussociety.ca


Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery

The collections at the Red Deer Museum & Art Gallery reflects Red Deer’s history with special emphasis on First Nations Peoples, immigrant settlers, rural life and the birth of a city. Permanent and visiting exhibits explore the extent of human experience through art, history, and science displays. Artwork displays include local, national, and international artists. www.reddeermuseum.com


Sunnybrook Farm Museum

In the heart of the city, Sunnybrook Farm Museum gives its visitors a chance to celebrate the early days of mixed farming and possibly find their rural roots as they explore Red Deer’s oldest farm. www.sunnybrookfarmmuseum.ca


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When planning your next convention or conference, why not choose Red Deer, Alberta?  Located half way between Edmonton and Calgary, Red Deer, Alberta is the perfect spot for everyone to meet.  Both the Edmonton and Calgary airports are only a 90-minute drive, making it easy for attendees from various areas to join you.  The Red Deer Airport has opened up multiple flights per day between the city and Calgary, allowing for easy travel planning to and from any event.


Red Deer is easy to navigate, and all amenities, services, and meeting sites are conveniently located close to each other.  With over 20 hotels to choose from and many facilities such as Westerner Park or the Collicutt Centre, you will be able to find the perfect place to stay and host your event.  What’s better than having options?  Fun fact:  Red Deer has the highest number of hotel rooms per capita of any Canadian city!


When you’ve concluded business for the day, Red Deer offers something for everyone.  From unique dining experiences to beautiful parks, you can be sure that everyone will be able to find something to be entertained by.  You can even take in a round of golf before turning in for the night at one of the local golf courses.  Extend your stay to take in one of the many rodeos, trade shows, or sporting events this city plays host to.


Red Deer has proved themselves as an event hosting leader.  They have a strong reputation which allows them to continually secure regional and national events each year.  The city has been recognized as one of the most cost-effective destinations in Alberta.  Who doesn’t love saving some money?


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The Village of Alix is just over half an hour NE from Red Deer – it’s full of country charm and friendly folks. Here are five ways to unwind a weekend in this lovely rural village.


One: Visit the museum

Start outside the Wagon Wheel Museum at the local heritage mural to get a sneak peek at the region’s history – then head inside to see artifacts and photographs depicting 100 years of pioneer life, local wildlife and sports history. And make sure to ask about the big locally infamous beaver pulled from the lake that now resides here too.


Two: Come for a special event

The village holds three annual events in the summer – a movie under the stars, the Alix Day parade and festival and a classic car show n shine.

This year, the movie in the park is on Sun, July 19 and they’ll be showing The Nut Job – a fitting story about an incorrigible squirrel and his park-dwelling friends. Alix Day is on Sat, Aug 16 with a parade and free events down by Alix Lake. Followed by the annual Show n shine on Sun, Aug 17 with a BBQ on Main Street.


Three: Golf the shores of Haunted Lake

The Haunted Lakes golf course has 9 holes along the shores of Haunted Lake. Each hole has three tees for a variety of skill levels and open and treed fairways. Watch out for water on four of the holes – and take care on the 6th restaurant and even stay the night at the campsites within walking distance from the course.


Four: Hike the nature trail

The 6 km trail around Alix Lake is a lovely place for an easy nature walk or a family bike. The gravel trail follows close to the shore and the lake and all those trees are home to birds and lots of wildlife. Pick up the trail at Lake St.


Five: Relax around a campfire

Beside the campsites at the golf course, you can also camp at Content Bridge, Ol’ MacDonalds and Alix Lake. The Alix Lake rec area has 11 stalls on the shores of the beautiful lake – with a playground, swimming area, showers and a concession (I bet that means ice cream!).


Ol’ MacDonalds has sites for tents, RVs and groups. The family resort is always a big hit with the kids – it’s got a sandy beach, lots of playgrounds, train and wagon rides, mini-golf, a petting zoo and arcade. You’ll also get to try their famously gooey fresh-basked cinnamon buns.


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Think you have what it takes to become the next member of the PGA?  Or are you simply looking forward to that nineteenth hole?  Regardless of your skill level – whether you’re the master of the hole in one or abuse your mulligan privileges – head to The Nursery Golf & Country Club and enjoy a round!


Located north of Lacombe off of Highway 2, The Nursery Golf Course offers outings for anyone who is looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.  With over 20 years of successful golf seasons, this course has everything a golfer (new or seasoned) could want.


This 18-hole, par 73 layout was built on 160 acres.  The front 9 were established in 1995, with the back 9 following in 1998.  The natural layout has helped to dictate the course design and reflects the beauty of more than 41,000 trees that line the fairway.  Don’t forget to take some time to appreciate the 11th hole – the longest hole in Canada!  Ponds and creeks that have been strategically placed come into play on fourteen of the eighteen holes to help increase the challenge.


The Nursery offers individual and corporate memberships, as well as standard green fees (if the thought of a long-term commitment worries you).  They are also available to host tournaments – just contact them with any questions you may have!


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You get away to the country for the big open sky, farm fresh food, living history and warm welcoming communities. You’ll find all of this in Ponoka – plus a huge Stampede, championship golf and plenty of space to play. Here are six ways to spend a real good weekend in Ponoka – just 40 minutes north of Red Deer.


One – The Ponoka Stampede and Rodeo

Now, Ponoka is not just for cowboys – there’s also the farm fresh food, lush green riverside trails, some of Alberta’s best golf and lots of history. But we’ll get to all that, I promise. Right now, transport yourself – along with 70,000 other visitors – to cowboy Christmas at thePonoka Stampede and Rodeo.

Breathe in the sweet aroma of mini-donuts and hear crowds of kids scream and laugh on the busy midway. But next door in the stands is the real action – so hold onto your donuts and head back yonder.

When the buzzer sounds a big bucking horse tears from the stall and on his back, a brave man in a muddy hat holds tight with one hand. The horse kicks high and the grimacing cowboy grips tighter – and for eight brutal seconds you hold your breath. Then you hoot, holler and cheer.


Last year, the Ponoka Stampede purse surpassed $600,000 for the cowboys and chuckwagons, making it the richest in Alberta next to the ten-day Calgary Stampede. Come for the rodeo thrills, championship chucks, community pancakes breakfasts, fireworks and live music.


Two – Stampede parade day

Ponoka at least doubles in size with Stampede visitors during the long-running event and it all kicks off with a big parade. Pick a shady spot to kick back and as the three-mile long parade drifts by.

Get your camera ready for colourful floats, marching bands, dancers and clowns, chuckwagons, big rigs and monster trucks, tiny cars, fire engines and at least 81 horses (I might have lost track). Then follow the crowds for a short walk to the Stampede grounds – you’ve earned yourself a corn dog, brother.


Three – Championship golf

OK, you’re going to have to wait until next summer for the Stampede – so meanwhile come play some legendary golf. Wolf Creek is a championship Scottish-style links course with 36 holes of sandy dunes, knee-high grasses and hidden dugouts. You’ll encounter wild prairie wind, unreasonably tight fairways and double-crossing water – you’ll love every minute.


If you still haven’t had your fill of the links – try the recently renovated Ponoka Community Golf Club an 18-hole course that winds through the green Battle River Valley.


Four – Green spaces

Everyday in the summer, the mayor of Ponoka orders up big fluffy white clouds, wide blue sky and a fresh country breeze – and some of the best spots to enjoy the mayor’s efforts are surrounded by leafy green trees and sparkling water.

Wind along paved trails to find the perfect picnic spot along the curvy Battle River, cool off at the splash park in Lion’s Centennial Park or hunt for water-striders at the nearby J.J. Collett nature sanctuary, just south on Hwy 2A.

Five – Shops in historic downtown

Folks here have a healthy respect for tradition and the past – and you can see this in the lovingly restored architecture of Ponoka’s historic main street. A family owned butcher, artisan book-binder, florist and friendly eateries inhabit the wooden boomtown storefronts – and outside, fascinating plaques tell the stories of a town with deep roots.

Six – Even more Western history

Since this town has been stampeding since 1936 – they have a hat full of cowboy stories to share. You can hear and see them all at the Canadian pro rodeo hall of fame in the new ag event centre on Hwy 2A. You’ll also learn how this small town came to lead the country in mental health and brain injury rehabilitation at the Fort Ostell museum’s history of mental health exhibit.

Learn more at Ponoka.ca

The town also hosts regular dinner theatre at the Klaglahachie Fine Arts Society, a weekly farmer’s market, vintage motorcycle show and special celebrations all year long. Visit the Town of Ponoka online for more community information and events listings. And follow the town on Twitter – @TownofPonoka – for instant community news and happenings.



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Blackfalds, Innisfail and Lacombe

Take a scenic country drive from Red Deer to watch a parade, eat food straight from the farm, play championship golf and watch the stars around a roaring campfire.


Blackfalds’ new rec centre

Blackfalds is ten minutes north of Red Deer and home of the brand-spanking new Abbey Centre. This 80,000 sq. ft. rec centre has state-of-the-art fitness facilities, a running track, outdoor pool with splash park and waterslides, indoor playground and huge gym. Or drop your teens to pop ollies all day at the town’s skate deck.


Special days to visit

Come to this friendly community for the holiday light up in Nov, Winterfest on Family Day, the Blackfalds Days and parade in June and Canada Day fireworks. Watch the town’s community calendar for dates.


Farm-fresh food in Innisfail

Innisfail is less than half an hour south of Red Deer on the QEII and hosts lots of special events throughout the year, including theInnisfail Pro Rodeo for 54 years.


Taste farm fresh food at Edgar Farm’s annual Asparagus Festival in June, at the town’s weekly farmers’ market or fresh from thePearson’s Berry Farm. Hot August means Viking Days at the Danish Canadian Museum and a Show ‘n Shine at Historic Markerville.


Innisfail’s top-rated golf

The Innisfail Golf Club is one of Alberta’s top-rated courses – with 27 holes on three distinct courses with big trees, rolling greens and perilous water. Watch out for the signature hole: Hazelwood 6, which runs along the lake on the middle nine.


Historic Lacombe

Lacombe – just half an hour north of Red Deer – has a charming and historic downtown and 40 murals that decorate its heritage buildings. The region is home to three farmer’s markets in the summer and the Saskatoon Orchard u-pick.


Lots of room to camp

Lacombe has more than 20 campgrounds – so whether you bring your beautiful beast of an RV or cozy modest pup tent, you’ll find the perfect spot to spend the weekend outside.

Watch the stars from a secluded site in Gull Lake’s Brewer’s campground or set up at the full-service Ol’ MacDonalds family resort – they have a sandy beach, petting zoo, train rides and amazingly gooey cinnamon buns.


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You’ve been trying to land this major deal for months now and it’s all come down to lunch with the big guy himself. So shine up your shoes, get your notes in order and book a table at one of these perfect business-lunching places. Go get em, young grasshopper.


Lush and private

Book out-of-town clients in at the Red Deer Lodge and meet in a private booth at Botanica. Dine on kicked-up Canadian cuisine in a casual atmosphere surrounded by lush green tropical greenery. Choose the daily lunch buffet – where everyone will find something they like. Or if you only have a few minutes of his precious time, order from the menu and it’s guaranteed to come in 15 minutes.


Best prime rib

Meet halfway between Edmonton and Calgary at Boulevard, a modern restaurant in the Holiday Inn & Suites, just off Hwy 2 on Gasoline Alley. Award-winning Executive Chef Emmanuel serves up local fare and wine pairings, a whole menu just for wings and the ultimate desserts. Or for an after-meeting dinner on Friday or Saturday night – seal the deal over the city’s best prime rib. Plus the restaurant has free Wi-Fi for your really professional-looking tablet presentation.


Edgy and fun

Maybe the boss is less buttoned-down suit and tie and more Converse and Pearl Jam t-shirts – and that’s cool, we can dig it. Bring on the bucket-sized rocktails, rockin’ ribs and classic rock n roll at The Rock Wood Fired Kitchen. It’ll be loud, dark and totally fun – the best un-business meeting ever.


Classic comfort at Joe’s

Here’s another venue for the younger crowd – and with a great downtown location. Red Deer’s Original Joe’s has a fun atmosphere and tasty comfort food. Try the Red Tractor nachos, Greek wings or killer Carolina pulled pork sandwich.


Steak for cowboys

Got yourself an old-school cowboy on the line? Bring out the big guns – and by that I mean, giant slabs of juicy Alberta beef. Heritage Ranch is a 217-acre property just off Hwy 2 with horse rides, ranch-tracker games, team-building programs and spectacular food. The Ranch’s Westlake Grill serves AAA ranch-cut rib eye, the perfect burger and plenty of whiskey. You can also book a meeting room at the Ranch for big boardroom-style presentations or training sessions.


A nice quiet table

R&R Grill is in the Sheraton Red Deer – a four-star hotel and convention centre with newly renovated rooms and massive conference facilities. The restaurant is a popular place for business lunches – and if you ask, they’ll set you up in a nice quiet corner so you can talk shop over a light leisurely lunch.


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     If your family would like to run away and join the circus, you don’t have to travel far. Circus World at Red Deer’s annual CentreFest festival provides two days of free circus training from professional performers. Kids learn how to juggle, walk a tight rope, walk on stilts and ride a unicycle – important skills if they aspire to a career in the Cirque du Soleil and a fun way for any kid to spend a day.


     “It’s like a mini Circus and it’s really fun,” says nine-year-old Gemini Scott, of Red Deer. “I was good at the stilts and the juggling, but spinning plates on sticks was really hard for me. My plate always fell off after a few seconds.”


     CentreFest is the largest, most affordable and most accessible festival in Central Alberta bringing more than 25,000 people annually into Red Deer’s downtown core. The annual festival features the talents of international street performers, nonstop live musical performances, artisan booths, food vendors and fun family-friendly activities.


     “We’re always working to improve the festival and Circus World was a new addition in 2014 that has proved to be a real hit with families,” says Janice Shimek, CentreFest Festival Director. “The best part about CentreFest is that it’s affordable. Anyone can come downtown and be entertained for free.”


     Many hours of work go into staging the numerous festivals and events that take place in the Red Deer region annually. It takes dedicated volunteers, financial support of generous donors and enthusiastic community involvement to make a festival successful and this community has that in spades.


     “Putting on an event like CentreFest takes many volunteer hours,” admits Shimek. “But seeing families out having fun together and the smiles on kids’ faces makes it worth the effort.”


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Cool. Creative. Convenient.

Red Deer has all the amenities of a large city – in a smaller-sized package. Wherever you’re staying while in Red Deer, access to a wealth of shopping and dining opportunities is just a short walk, drive or transit ride away.

From one-of-a-kind downtown boutiques to a huge fashion hub, Red Deer has shopping for every taste. There will be lots of opportunities to stop for a coffee or delicious lunch along the way. You’ll need energy to power-shop your way through our city.


Unique boutiques and restaurants

In the downtown district, enjoy a leisurely pace as you visit the array of unique shops, cafés and lounges. Here you’ll find gifts, clothing and art that you won’t find anywhere else. There are also lots of fine restaurants and delightful coffee shops along the way to rest your feet… and your credit card.


Home-grown charm

There’s something special about food and gifts made by hand. Each Saturday morning from June to October, you will find lots of produce, baking, clothing and arts and crafts at the Market at Red Deer, the city’s farmer’s market. With over 250 vendors, downtown will be bustling with locals and visitors all supporting local growers, artists and musicians. Come hungry.


Central Alberta’s largest mall

With 110 stores and services, Bower Place is a great place to shop for everything you need. Known as the fashion hub of central Alberta, you’ll find many of the most popular stores for clothing, footwear and accessories in addition to home décor, toys and much more. The mall also displays lots of public art in the form of murals, mobiles and sculptures.



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Are you looking to get your family and friends outside and active this summer?  We think that sounds like a great plan!  Chances are, you are pretty familiar with larger attractions, but here is a list of some that you should definitely check out this summer.


Authentic local experiences without the planning.

Are you looking for a day of adventure without having to do any of the actual planning yourself? Check out Pursuit Adventures!  Since 2010, Pursuit Adventures has been sharing some of their favourite adventure options in Central Alberta and Western Canada.  From guided hiking day trips to sightseeing tours, Pursuit Adventures has it all. Based out of Red Deer, their tours are open to the public as well as private groups, school groups, and more!

Lions and tigers and bears – Oh my!

Do you feel like your life is a zoo?  Why not bring your family to a real one!  A quick drive to Innisfail will have you heading to Discovery Wildlife Park in no time! 

With over 90 acres of wildlife sanctuary space, there will be something for everyone to enjoy!  There are over 40 species of orphaned animals for you to see and learn more about.  Some of the animals you can see are: monkeys, jaguars, alligators, camels, and, of course, lions and tigers and bears!

There are daily educational animal presentations to allow visitors to get up close and personal with the animals and chat with animal trainers.


History doesn’t have to stay in the classroom.

What do you get when you cross First Nations, Metis, and Europeans?  You get Fort Normandeau!

Located just 5 minutes from Red Deer, Fort Normandeau gives you the opportunity to learn what life in Red Deer was like before the railroad came to town.  Situated at the original site of Red Deer Crossing, you can learn why the Crossing was the best place to ford the river for miles around.

Participate in programs, hands-on activities, theatre, and special events to bring history to life for you and your family!


Putt a hole in one (or 4).

Who doesn’t love getting out and playing a friendly game of mini golf?  Challenge your friends and family to a round of 18 holes at Summerland Leisure Park Mini Golf!

Summerland Leisure Park Mini Golf is unlike any mini golf courses you have played before.  With long, winding holes, this course proves to be a challenge for kids and adults alike.  The course spans 589 yards and has a par 41, but don’t worry, they won’t judge if you’re a little over! 

Located in beautiful Gull Lake, Summerland Leisure Park is home to more than just mini golf.  Here you will also find a driving range along with an RV park to extend your golfing adventure for a day or two.




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It’s your turn to organize the next company conference and luckily you are about to knock their socks off. Here are five reasons to book the best meeting ever in Red Deer and totally impress the top dogs.


One. It’s in the middle

They’ll come from the south, you’ll come from the north and no one will have to get up early to do it. Red Deer is right in the middle between Edmonton and Calgary, so if you’re driving, it’s a quick 90-minute trip on the province’s main transportation corridor, the Hwy 2 – and if you’re flying, see reason number two.


Two. Fly in, fly out

Now more than ever, business and leisure travellers travel to and from Red Deer by air through the ever-expanding Red Deer Airport. Your clients can travel direct from around western Canada and from around the world with convenient daily flights from the Calgary hub.


Regional carrier Northwestern Air offers regular flights from Red Deer to Kelowna and Fort McMurray and since 2013, Air Canada has been offering three daily flights to and from Calgary. From here, travellers connect to the airline’s global network covering five continents and more than 180 destinations. The airport also offers free Wi-Fi and free terminal parking – your boss will really like that part.


Three. Perfect meeting spaces

From huge conference facilities to intimate meeting rooms, you’ll find a meeting space that suits you perfectly. Look for rooms with lots of natural light, free parking and tasty catered snacks and lunches. For big business gatherings, conferences or trade-shows, check out the massive conference facilities at the Sheraton Red Deer.


Many of the hotels off Hwy 2 offer intimate meeting spaces – check out the convenient Sandman Red Deer or further south, Ramada Red Deer with Mohave Grill right nearby. The Red Deer Lodge downtown, has beautiful meeting rooms to accommodate up to 120 people – plus friendly and tech-savvy staff to help with all your audio-visual needs and onsite catering.


Four. Lots of golf

After the meeting – or instead of, if you’re really trying to charm your clients – head out to one of Red Deer region’s top-rated golf courses. There are over ten golf courses located within a 10-30 min drive in the Red Deer area. The Scottish links-style Wolf Creek – 30 minutes north in Ponoka – is one of the province’s toughest and most unique courses with 36 holes of deep pot hole bunkers, high native grasses and wicked prairie wind.


The Nursery – 30 minutes north in Lacombe – is carved around a 75-year-old tree nursery with 41,000 trees, water everywhere and Canada’s longest hole – the par 6 hole 11 at 782 yards. And Innisfail – 25 minutes south – is the region’s most popular public course with 27 immaculate holes, rolling hills, flowerbeds and a big quiet lake.

Client bad at golf? Or maybe you’re on a tight time constraint. No stress, Top O’  The Hill Golf Course  in nearby Sylvan Lake is an executive nine hole, three par course. Offering stunning views of Sylvan Lake, this course has challenges for for the more experienced golfer’s iron play, yet is friendly enough for amateurs.


Five. Eat big steaks

Red Deer is right in the middle of the province’s agricultural heartland with access to farm fresh produce and big juicy Alberta-sized steaks. Treat your workmates to prime rib weekends at Boulevard in the Holiday Inn & Suites, a steak sandwich at George’s, the royal buffet at the Black Knight Inn or AAA ranch-cut rib eye at Heritage Ranch. You’ve all got to eat – may as well give them a feast.


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Kids love the Kraay Family Farm – just half an hour north of Red Deer. They can meet animals, jump, climb and run around in the sunshine. Here are nine ways to play.


1.Run the corn maze

The farm is home to the Lacombe Corn Maze that covers 15 acres and has three lookout bridges.
Last year’s maze holds the Guinness Record for the world’s largest QR code at 309,570 sq. ft. (29,000 sq. m). And if you are very brave – bring a buddy and get lost by flashlight in the dark.


2. Find hidden treasure

The gemstone mine is a great place to start a rock collection. Buy a bag of rocks and sand, dump your goodies into the screen box, swirl it in the water and your beautiful stones will appear. Kids also like splashing around in the water on a hot summer day.


3. Play dino mini golf

Putt around the farm’s 18-hole mini-golf course decorated with colourful dinosaurs. Even little ones can have a go and hit the ball around this kid-sized course.


4. Jump and slide

The farm’s giant jumping pillows – there’s a new one this year – are good for burning off some of that beautiful endless energy. Climb on the big spider web rope maze and then slide on the giant slides – over and over and over again. Hey look – tire mountain!


5. Sit a minute for lunch

Buy a yummy lunch at the concession or bring your own – then set yourselves down a minute at a picnic table. They also have fire pits for hot dogs and marshmallows and you can rent a BBQ for $10. It’s ok to sit for a few seconds, kids – you’ll be back at it in no time.


6. Ride the train

Trains are a very big deal in our house, so we’ll ride the barrel train – it’s even longer this year – until we can distract him with the pedal carts. (Train rides are two tokens.)


7. Corn cannon and pumpkin blaster

Like to make loud noises and watch things go splat? Aim and fire the corn cannon and obliterate an innocent wonky-shaped pumpkin in the fall (one token per blast).


8. Pick a treat

Time for a sweet snack. Buy old-fashioned candy from the Corn-er Store and if you are very good, maybe Mom’ll let you bring a little toy home as a souvenir of your day.


9. Meet the farm animals

Bring your treat over to watch the speedy piggy races and animatronic chicken show – then meet more adorable critters at the farmyard. Get up close with adorable goats, ducks, chickens, sheep and a pot-bellied pig that thinks he’s a dog.




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 Located half way between Edmonton and Calgary, the Radisson Red Deer is the perfect stop for individuals, families, and businesses. Whether you are looking for somewhere to rest your head or somewhere to host your next function, the team at Radisson Red Deer is ready to help! Hotel Features Some of the features you will find at Radisson Red Deer.

Located half way between Edmonton and Calgary, the Radisson Red Deer is the perfect stop for individuals, families, and businesses. Whether you are looking for somewhere to rest your head or somewhere to host your next function, the team at Radisson Red Deer is ready to help!


Hotel Features

Some of the features you will find at Radisson Red Deer are:
• 142 guest rooms with 33 suites
• Complimentary continental breakfast during your stay
• Award-winning day spa and salon
• Fitness centre and indoor heated pool
• Full conference and event facilities including a business centre, 10 meeting rooms, 3 ball rooms, and 2 board rooms


Is there a whale in the room, or was that your stomach talking?

The Radisson Red Deer has a couple options to choose from when you’re looking to get in a good meal:
• On-site restaurant, ready to serve you breakfast, lunch, and dinner
• In-room dining choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and light snacks


Time to Sweat

If you’re looking to relax after a long day, check out the spa and fitness facilities:
• Fitness facilities that span over 5,000 sq. ft.
• Equipment includes free weights, Nautilus, and cardio equipment
• Spa facilities include: indoor pool and waterfall, hot tub, steam room, men’s only sauna, massage therapy, and juice bar
• You can also meet with a personal trainer or dietician (advance notice required)


Party Like a Rockstar

Radisson Red Deer can help you plan a variety of events. Weddings, corporate functions, and more are a breeze with the help of the Radisson Red Deer staff.
• Have your dream wedding without the stress! With three ball rooms to choose from, we promise you will find the one that is perfect for you. Take advantage of unique facilities with elegant and intimate décor, a charming, relaxed atmosphere, and an extensive menu to choose from with both plated and buffet-style meal options.
• Get that promotion you’ve been working for when you pull off your next corporate function without a hitch! With almost 16,000 sq. ft. of meeting space, the Radisson staff can help you configure the perfect meeting. Need us to provide the audio-visual supplies? There are projectors, modems, microphones, screens, and more for you to use!
• Let the Radisson staff help you get in the holiday spirit! They can help you plan the perfect holiday party, too! All you have to do is call and talk to any of the talented staff members.
Whatever it is you are looking for, make sure to check out the Radisson Red Deer!


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There are a ton of awesome things to look forward to this Spring in Red Deer. We’re excited to share this list of six things to do in Red Deer and Central Alberta this Springtime. Get out and enjoy the warmer weather…once it’s finally here to stay.

1. Get outside and enjoy the great outdoors! Take advantage of Red Deer’s trail system, hit the driving range at one of the area’s beautiful golf courses, plan a trip to Discovery Wildlife Park in May or relax on a patio at one of Red Deer’s fantastic restaurants. Whatever it is you like to do, get outside and enjoy!

2. Start planning for some amazing summer camping trips. There are ample amounts of camping destinations within a short drive of Red Deer. Whether you’re from out of town taking a trip across Alberta or live in Red Deer and looking to escape the city for the weekend – Red Deer has the spot to suite your camping, RVing and B&Bing needs.

3. Gather your family for some Easter fun. There’s plenty of opportunities for Easter fun this Spring in Red Deer. The Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum hosts a Family Night Easter Egg Hunt and Heritage Ranch offers both an Easter Egg Hunt and a Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt. Keep the good times rolling and enjoy all three!

4. Train for a marathon, half marathon or 10km run. Prepare yourself to face a challenge May 17th as the 17th annual Woody’s RV World Marathon takes place along Red Deer’s beautiful river. So what are you waiting for? Start training now for Alberta’s River Run – you can do!

5. Doesn’t enjoying events in the Springtime feel that much better? Something about the extra daylight. Some events to look forward to this Spring in Red Deer are the Harlem Globetrotters at Westerner Park, Margaret Atwood at Red Deer College and the Artiques Roadshow at Parkland Mall to name a few. If none of those pique your interest, take a look at our complete list of Red Deer events.

6. Spring not only welcomes warmer weather, it also signifies that it’s playoff time! Red Deer is excited to host Canada’s National Female Midget Championship in late April. Learn more about the Esso Cup and then grab your seats as teams from across Canada vie to be national champions at the Red Deer Arena.


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Are you and your family looking for something new to do on the weekend?  Why not head out and experience some of the following activities?


Scandinavian Trail

Want to learn more about local culture through unique experiences?  Check out some of these great attractions!


Danish Canadian National Museum

From gardens to homes and even a Viking ship, the Danish Canadian National Museum has lots of great information packed into a unique museum setting.

  • See Pioneer homes and churches
  • Visit the Children’s Garden of Imagination
  • Check out over 5,000 artifacts in the Museum collection

Historic Markerville

Icelandic pioneers established Markerville in 1888.  Since then, Markerville has taken steps to preserve and pay tribute to their hard work and energy.

  • Take a guided tour of the Creamery Museum
  • Head out on a walking tour of the hamlet
  • Grab a bite to eat or enjoy some ice cream in the Creamery courtyard

Stephansson House

Visit the home of the Rocky Mountains poet, Stephan G. Stephansson.  Restored to its 1927 appearance, the Stephansson House offers a glimpse at the life of this Icelandic poet-pioneer (pictured at the top of the page).

  • Enjoy a guided tour or partake in one of the interpretive programs

Experience Central Alberta history and culture along the Scandinavian Trail today!

Lacombe Regional Tourism

Enjoy the attractions, culture and events that make the Lacombe region unique and find your way to new experiences and memories close to home.


Flatiron Museum & Interpretive Centre

The Flatiron building is the first of two flatirons to have been built in Alberta.  It was built in 1904 and has had multiple uses over the years.

  • Check out didactic displays illustrating aspects significant to the history of Lacombe
  • Current Exhibit: I ♥Main Street – featuring archival photographs from the Lacombe & District Historical Society’s collection depicting scenes in early Lacombe from 1900 to 1940

Billyco Junction Bed & Breakfast

Billyco Junction B & B offers a peaceful retreat for visitors. Here you and your family can absorb the outdoors, the sounds, and experience the beautiful land and sky.

  • Enjoy homemade jams and honey for a delicious breakfast experience
  • Enjoy a refreshing panoramic view of the trees and gardens from the Honeyberry Suite
  • Experience all that Billyco Junction has to offer

Flying Cross Ranch

At Flying Cross Ranch we believe that learning should be fun!  That is why we strive to provide an enriching atmosphere where kids and adults can build confidence and learn new skills, while having fun and socializing in a non-competitive atmosphere.

  • Take part in a variety of programs for all ages and experiences, with lessons in a variety of disciplines
  • The ranch can assist you with hosting numerous types of events such as weddings, corporate team building, fundraisers, and more!

Ammonite World

An Ammonite Manufacturing facility where you will see it go from raw material to finished stone.

  • Check out their fossil prep room where they can fully finish fossils
  • View the many different shapes and colors of stones
  • Take a beginning silversmith class!

There are so many great things to see and do in Lacombe Region – head out and discover something new today!


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